Water Scarcity is a Growing Societal Challenge

Meanwhile, over a Third of World's Treated Water is Lost due to Leaking Pipes!



Leak Detection Done the Right Way

WetOne - Cloud Enabled
Listening Stick for Leak Detection

State-of-the-Art Instrumented Listening Stick for easy and effective leak detection in water pipe networks. It is just like the traditional listening stick but better; much better. The amplified leak sound can be listened to in real time via the headphones. It can also be used as a regular listening stick. All leak data samples are sent to our phone app for analysis and reporting purposes in real time.

WaterTools Phone App

Our Watertools phone app performs data collection and analysis of all leak samples from the WetOne device in real time. The app can do advanced leak detection analysis with state-of-the-art signal processing algorithms. As well as that, it makes the often tedious leak reporting routines easy. It  acts as a gateway between the manager's office and the leak detection crews on the ground for easy exchange of critical information.

Remote Management, Monitoring and Leak Detection in Real Time

The cloud-based system enables the manager to gain an insight into all aspects of  the leak detection activities in real time. The manager can supervise all activities on the ground. The assignment, monitoring, and assessment of jobs is seamless with the web interface that immediately updates the crew in the field; through the Watertools app. Moreover, the mapping and data analysis features give the manager a real sense of control and even the ability to confirm a suspected leak themselves from the comport of their office. Our cloud based system offers an an additional feature for automated leak detection of all data points. Our algorithm  analyses all input samples and identifies potential leak locations on the map.

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